We believe that one or indeed many questions that businesses would have asked themselves in the lead up to January 2021 is what will change for us and what do we need to do?

With those thoughts in your own business, perhaps you have never had the chance to think about the effects on others until the need arises, so perhaps this is an ideal opportunity to give you a very quick summary of our thoughts for our cleaning business.


Will the supply chain you operate be disrupted?

Not for our clients as many of the companies we deal with have invested in increased stock and additional warehouse space that will combat any potential delays or problems.

Will our customers continue to receive the same value for money products or will they need to change?

Absolutely no changes here as many items are also British made

Do you have access to several months supply of cleaning and washroom consumables?


Do you think there will be a big increase in prices ?

No , however, we are aware that from time to time things do change and if this is the case as always we look to source a comparable product that negates any price increases.

Do you have a number of EU nationals working for you?


What will happen with these people, will staff numbers be effected?

EU National employees working in the UK will need to secure settled or pre settled status by the 30th June.

Are you concerned about this?

With a proactive approach to this issue we have made very good progress and are comfortable that we will have no staffing issues. We also believe that this proof will become an essential auditable employment requirement so on this basis we are ensuring this is all in place before the deadline, just in case!

What about long term issues of staff availability?

Ultimately we believe that there may be fewer numbers of available staff around in the future, however, the true test of getting the right people will be the pedigree of your company, the rates of pay, how you treat, train and engage with your staff. We have always believed that they are our most important asset so do not foresee changes here for us.

We hope that has been a useful brief insight to the cleaning business and do of course feel free to get in touch if there is anything on your own personal or company agenda that we have not addressed.