Single Use Plastic

Plastic and the use of plastic seems to becoming the new dirty word of late, but why is that ?

Unfortunately the world is becoming more and more polluted with plastic and the nature of these products means that it take years to disintegrate so should really be limited in their use.

The most often seen discarded item is a plastic bottle, however, I recently learned that most thrown away item that contains plastic is the cigarette butt ! so you can see that the problem lies with so many of the unobvious items of daily use.

In the cleaning industry what can we do to help eradicate single use plastic?

If you think about it most of the daily use cleaning chemicals come packed and ready to use, however, the average trigger spray bottle is used once and then discarded and don’t start to think of the cost and impact of shipping all these bottles around the country to various locations – the mind is starting to boggle!

What are we doing that can help ?

We believe the short term answer is the removal of single use plastic in our daily cleaning chemicals by the introduction of concentrated range of chemicals that provides waste free , accurate dosage in 1 litre bottles that are easy to pour and store.

It also weighs less so is easier to handle and so much more environmentally friendly to transport.

But what is the direct impact on the plastic use?

Well, 1 litre of concentrate can produce 100 conventional trigger cleaning bottles.

Let us put hat into context as a business. If we provided 4 different chemicals used in daily use to 100 different sites we would eradicate the use of 40,000 individual bottles of conventional cleaning chemical. Now that is why we are playing our part and taking active steps to eradicate single use of plastic in our business.

It is our intention late this year to take this one step further with steps to reuse the 1 bottle so watch this space for updates on this.