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Dall cleaning services PLC prides itself on treating all colleagues fairly and equally and welcomes the government action on gender pay inequalities in the workplace.

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Gender make-up

62.50% of Dall’s workforce are women          37.5% of Dall’s workforce are men

0.18% Mean gender pay gap in hourly pay    0.65% Median gender pay gap in hourly pay

16.67% Mean bonus gender pay gap           0.00% Median bonus gender pay gap

Proportion of colleagues receiving bonuses

1.76% Female colleagues                             

1.96% Male colleagues

Proportion of colleagues per pay quartile

Lower Quartile

63.24% Female colleagues

36.76% Male colleagues

Lower Middle Quartile

73.53% Female colleagues

26.47% Male colleagues

Upper Middle Quartile

58.82% Female colleagues

41.18% Male colleagues

Upper Quartile

54.41% Female colleagues

45.59% Male colleagues


62.50% Female colleagues

37.50% Male colleagues


The mean gender pay gap is 0.18% which is significantly lower than the UK average (18.4% according to ONS). Our median pay gap is 0.65%.

We work in a female dominated industry where operatives are on the same wage regardless of their gender.
As we are a contract cleaning company we are subject to TUPE regulations on many of our contracts. Under TUPE staff are transferred by law, maintaining pay rates and hours, from one cleaning provider to another when a contract is transferred or awarded.

The vast majority of our workforce is cleaning staff (94.85% of relevant staff at the snapshot date). Accordingly, under TUPE regulations there is a restricted opportunity to address a gender pay gap should it arise in this section of our workforce.


Only a small proportion of our workforce received a bonus in the last financial year. Due to only such a small proportion of our workforce receiving a bonus, this leads to a very skewed result when reporting by gender.
The mean bonus payment for women was 16.66% higher than for men and the median bonus payment for women was the same for men.

We have taken this opportunity to review all the bonuses awarded in the year, and we are satisfied that they were awarded based on performance achievement rather than showing a bias towards our female employees.


Chris Fenn


Information provided is for the period of 6th April 2021 - 5th April 2022 
Published 1st April 2022