If we had £1 for every time someone asked us to show that we have taken innovation into account with the solution we are providing, or plan to provide I think we would probably be doing OK just from that fund!

We believe that innovation is not just about the latest product, that’s faster shinier and more effective than the last one, although they are important. There is a bigger picture here to consider so as a dynamic company believe we roll out constantly as part of the service that we offer.

Let me explain …..

Firstly what is the action of innovationg ? and why is it important ‘Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of the organisation’ so that its importance in the competitive world we live in is immediately evident. In short if you keep doing things you have always done you will get the same results.

There are three considerations for innovation and these are;

Products – what is new to the market or new to the organisation ?

Methods – how are we doing things ? how could it change ? what actions could we take to change a method ? We have to ask ourselves that just because that is the way it has always been done it doe not necessarily mean that there is not a better way.

Ideas – these are the lifeblood of an excellent management team, so there should be no limitations to what we can all bring.

We are constantly working with our management team looking on a daily basis at products, methods and ideas that could improve the service we offer so can say with confidence that we are providing an innovative service.

As a final thought remember what Albert Einstein said,

“If at first the idea is not absurd, there is probably no hope for it”