COVID-19 Rapid Testing

Just over a year ago it was a crazy thought to think we would be in a position to offer to supply our clients a rapid health test, however, so many things have changed of late we feel that testing against Covid-19 is probably here to stay for some time so you never know when your business may feel it is important to have some available.

OK, want to know a bit more ? Of course you do!

Biozek Medical have created a highly accurate UK approved (MHRA and to be administered by a health professional) Covid-19 test which gives a 93% accurate test result in just 15 minutes.

It is a stand alone test that offers a nasal swab or gargle mouth rinse option and delivers results without any additional lab equipment being provided, making it a very flexible product for the use of businesses.

We hope that the roll out of the mass vaccination of the population may mean that some normality a bit later in the year, however, in the meantime this could be a consideration to help keep more people safe.