Sustainably Yours

What about the products you find in your washrooms? Are they appropriate for use and should we be looking to change them?

We are sure these questions may have crossed your mind in the past or perhaps even more recently as the world moves to having a far more sustainable approach to all things that it does.

Let us give you an insight into Metsa Tissue, which is part of the Metsa Group, who are the tenth largest forest group in the world. Metsa we hear you say.....never heard of it! Well perhaps you will be more familiar with Katrin, a staple of most washrooms.

A few things to consider;

  • Established more than 200 years ago

  • Still unique family forestry owned by 104.000 forest owners

  • Represents 41% of the private forests in Finland

  • Finland is the most forested country in Europe with 86% of its land covered with trees

  • For every tree cut down four new ones are planted

  • Annual forest growth is 40% more than usage

  • In Finnish forests the wood required to produce 10,000 toilet rolls grows in less than 2 seconds

  • The new Bio Mill generates 240% more energy than it needs, feeding the excess back in the grid

  • 100% of the waste products are repurposed

  • The mill uses zero fossil fuels