About Dall Cleaning

Dall Cleaning Services was formed in 1988 and currently services clients within a 150 mile radius of London.

With Directors, Clinton and Chris managing the business and an experienced team of dedicated staff we will always ensure that service delivery is the top priority.

The company culture is one where “service matters” and we are first to admit that at times things do not always go as planned, however, are confident that our response time is first class and today in line with that culture.

We have been Setting Standards in the cleaning industry for many years now and are planning that this will continue with existing and new successful client contractor partnerships.

Meet Our Team

<strong>Clinton Dall</strong>
Clinton DallManaging Director
Clinton is first to admit that he started with a broom sweeping up at the airport, however, his passion, determination and hardwork has meant that today he is at the helm of a very successful company employing many hundreds of people.

Clinton worked for a number of companies in the years before Dall Cleaning Services and has always said that his motivation is to provide an exceptional service to clients and to not fall into the trap that other companies do where non core activities become the focus and service delivery suffers.

Clinton first met Chris in 1988 when as Chris freely admits he was “sitting on the other side of the fence” and as the years have passed have created a formidable management team leading an ever increasingly successful business.

Favourite saying “When I did your job ….”

<strong>Chris Fenn</strong>
Chris FennDirector
Chris joined the company as a Director back in 1999 and has been instrumental in the shaping of the company as it is seen today and is proud of the achievement that through independent research the company is currently ranked 47th largest within the top 100 cleaning companies in the country.

Chris has a wealth of experience to draw on having been involved in the retail and property facilities sectors for many years prior to teaming up with Clinton at Dall Cleaning Services.

Chris often says that he has had the insight of sitting on both sides of the fence so knows what to offer and is fully aware of what is expected from clients.

Favourite saying “If you want something done ask a busy person.”