Purified Water

or window, glass and general cleaning. It allows smear free cleaning if used with microfiber cloths and is also extremely environmentally friendly

Electrolyzed Water

is a basic mixture of tap water and salt which is transformed by an electric current into a kind of miracle liquid. This special water can be used as a cleaner that is very effective and completely non-toxic. Depending on the process, two different cleaners can be made out of the water salt mixture. One is an alkaline liquid that cleans and degreases, and the other is a potent disinfectant which is claimed to be 10 times more effective than bleach in killing bacteria.

Steam Cleaning

works by using ordinary tap water to produce superheated dry steam. The temperature and power of this dry steam means that almost any area can be cleaned and sanitised and brought back to its original condition with minimal time and effort. All bacteria are killed and all surfaces are left dry. There are also benefits to your health (killing 98% of dust mites and therefore helping allergy sufferers) and the environment (as they use ordinary water and have no chemical residues)

Battery Powered Equipment

has further developed over the years and allows cable free cleaning with good working capacities. It is very quiet making it ideal for daytime cleaning. The fast and efficient charging also minimises any downtime.



is an extremely effective cleaning material that has been developed to hold up to eight times its own weight in water and has exceptional absorption qualities.

According to tests, using microfiber materials to clean a surface reduces the number of bacteria by 99%, whereas a conventional cleaning material reduces this number only by 33%.

Magic Sponges

for effective cleaning on a variety of different surfaces without damaging them and without the need for chemicals or heavy scouring. This then leaves a smear free result that can even be used on hot surfaces


Reach and Wash

is water fed system has less environmental impact due to only using purified water and not harmful cleaning chemicals. This system is quicker and more efficient (using purified water keeps dirt at bay keeping windows cleaner for longer)

Also, the Reach and Wash method offers a far safer alternative to ladders following the restrictions made in Working at Height regulations of 2005.